Our Photo Gallery, containing albums of some of our many SIG model displays from home and abroad.

Since 1993, the Aerobatic Display Teams SIG has done well over 100 shows and also displayed in 6 different countries (or 7, counting Scotland separately !)

Scale ModelWorld Displays
The World's greatest model show - held annually in Telford, England.
  • Scale ModelWorld 2023  
    The IPMS 60th Anniversary International Air Tattoo :  Celebrating a number of anniversaries with a huge fantasy airshow and flying display.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2022
    50th Anniversary of the Snowbirds :  Celebrating the Snowbirds 50th birthday with a history of Canadian Forces display teams.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2021
    "Remember Us ?" : With the triumphant return of Scale ModelWorld, we re-visit a few of our previous themes, to remind us of what it's all about.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2020

  • Scale ModelWorld 2019
    "Civilian Aerobatic Teams" : A wide range of names and aircraft types illustrating teams from the non-military world.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2018
    "100 Years of RAF Aerobatic Teams" : We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force with a comprehensive history of its display teams.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2017
    "Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the  U.S. Air Force" : Featuring display teams from the USAF, USAFE, FEAF and ANG, with a special homage   to the Thunderbirds.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2016  
    "Aerobatic Park" : With apologies to Steven Spielberg, a collection of world-wide Aerobatic Display Teams,  past and present, named after animals.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2015
    "Best Aircraft in a Supporting Role" : Our tribute to the often-unsung heroes - aerobatic team support aircraft and two-seaters.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2014  
    "The Red Arrows 50th Display Season and the 40th Anniversary of the BAe Hawk" : For our particular SIG, this year's Red Arrows theme was a  "no-brainer"  - but we also took the opportunity to showcase the other Hawk-equipped Teams from  around the World.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2013 - the IPMS 50th Anniversary Show  
    "20 Years of the ADTSIG, 50 Years of IPMS and 60 Years of the USAF Thunderbirds & Patrouille de France" : A "multi-themed" display, celebrating all of those Anniversaries in this "Milestone" year.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2012  
    "Go LARGE for 2012" : Aerobatic Team models in 1/48th and 1/32nd scale ONLY. (Almost known as
    "I'm Sorry, I've Got Nothing Smaller...")

  • Scale ModelWorld 2011  
    " 'What IF...?' Aerobatic Teams" : A fictitious look
    at display teams that "could have/would have/should have" happened.... but never did.... yet... !

  • Scale ModelWorld 2010
    "50th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori and Blue Impulse" : Celebrating the 50th birthday of both of these famous teams, from Italy and Japan.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2009
    "Aerobatic Teams of Australasia" : From the 1940's up to the present day, display teams from Australia  and New Zealand.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2008
    "From Russia With Love" : A history of display teams from the Russian Federation and former Soviet Union.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2007
    "Helicopter Display Teams" : A history of rotary-winged teams from around the world.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2006
    "Scandinavian Display Teams" : Featuring teams from Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2005
    "Fly Navy" : All manner of Naval Aviation display teams from around the world.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2004
    "Thunder In The Skies" : F-84 teams from around
    the world, straight and swept wings.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2003  
    "50th Anniversary of the Thunderbirds and Patrouille de France" : Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of both of the World's second oldest Aerobatic Teams.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2002
    "A History of Canadian Aerobatic Teams" : Display Teams from the RCAF, RCN & CAF.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2001  
    "2001 : A Sabre Odyssey" : All variants of F-86  teams from around the world.

  • Scale ModelWorld 2000  
    "It all started one afternoon at Hendon" : A timeline
    of RAF teams, coinciding with the 80th Anniversary of the Hendon Air Pageants. This was the very first "Scale ModelWorld" event.

  • 1999 IPMS(UK) Nationals
    "Saluto Italia" : A history of all Italian Air Force Display Teams.

  • 1998 IPMS(UK) Nationals  
    "Blue Angels" : A complete chronology of the World's oldest Aerobatic Team. Note - the first year the
    event is held at the Telford International Centre.

  • 1997 IPMS(UK) Nationals
    "50 Years of the United States Air Force - An Aerobatic Celebration" : Our first attempt at a "Special Theme" display - AND our "Farewell to Donington" as the venue.

  • 1996 IPMS(UK) Nationals
    The last time we did a "general" display at the Nationals/SMW, before evolving elaborate "themed" display stands. (Held at the Donington Park Exhibition Centre)

  • IPMS(UK) Nationals Archive Photos
    Examples of our earliest "Nationals" displays, just to show how the SIG has grown over the years.
Special Events
Some very special and prestigious occasions our SIG has been involved in.

Overseas Shows & Other Displays
A selection of our SIG Displays in various other venues around Europe.
  •   Belgium 2023
    After Covid and Brexit, we're back to Europe again - "Plastic & Steel 2023", but a new venue, Waregem.

  •   Germany 2019
    Back to Germany for the first time in ten years - our first visit to Euro Model Expo, in Lingen.

  •   Belgium 2018
    Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of IPMS Belgium, at "Plastic & Steel 2018", Affligem.

  •   Sweden 2016
    This most ambitious trip took us far north to "Art In Miniature", the IPMS Sweden Nationals in Gothenburg.

  •   Belgium 2015
    Our return visit to "Plastic & Steel", the
    IPMS Belgium National Convention, in Affligem.

  •   France 2013
    Our "2013 European Tour", travelling en masse to display at the Maquettexpo in Hyeres, in the South of France.

  •   Holland 2013
    A rather different Overseas Show - this time, put on entirely by our contingent of Dutch members alone !

  •   Belgium 2012
    A different venue this time - "Plastic & Steel", the
    IPMS Belgium Nationals, in Affligem.

  •   Holland 2011  
    Our first visit to "EuroScaleModelling", the IPMS Netherlands Nationals, in Utrecht.

  •   Germany 2009
    IPMS Deutschland's annual show at the Luftwaffen Museum, Gatow, Berlin.

  •   Belgium 2008
    IPMS Bruxelles Model Fair in the Military Museum, Brussels.

  •   Germany 2007
    IPMS Deutschland's annual show at the Luftwaffen Museum, Gatow, Berlin.

  •   Germany 2006
    Our first visit to Germany, for IPMS Deutschland's
    40th Anniversary Show at the Luftwaffen Museum, Gatow, Berlin.

  •   Scotland 2005  
    Another of our many displays at the "Scottish Nationals" - now in Perth.

  •   France 2004
    The annual show of IPMS Provinces de France club AMV83, in the town Casino, Hyeres, in the South of France.

  •   Belgium 2004
    IPMS Bruxelles Model Fair in the Military Museum, Brussels.

  •   France 2003
    Special Event : Our highly prestigious display at Salon de Provence, as part of the Patrouille de France's official 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

  •   Belgium 2002
    IPMS Bruxelles Model Fair in the Military Museum, Brussels.

  •   Belgium 2000
    Return visit to the IPMS Bruxelles Model Fair in the Military Museum, Brussels.

  •   Scotland 2000  
    Our display at the "Scottish Nationals" - the last time the event was held in Stirling.

  •   France 1999
    "Club Des Gais Lurons Maquettistes Du Loiret" Show, Orléans.

  •   Belgium 1998
    Our first of many visits to the IPMS Bruxelles Model Fair in the Military Museum, Brussels.

  •   France 1996  
    Our very first adventure to do an overseas model show - Mondeville, Caen, Normandy.

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