Scale ModelWorld 2013
The IPMS 50th Anniversary Show

Even though Scale ModelWorld is already the biggest modelling event of its kind in the World, the 2013 show was to be the biggest one ever, to mark the 50th Anniversary of IPMS. Suffice to say, it didn't disappoint !

But for us, there were also other significant Anniversaries in 2013 too : We were celebrating our own 20th Anniversary of the ADTSIG, while the USAF Thunderbirds and the Patrouille de France were also celebrating their 60th Anniversaries.

So, mindful of the importance of Scale ModelWorld 2013 and that it was expected to attract the largest ever numbers of modellers, Traders and visitors from all over the World, we decided to try and combine all of these important Birthdays into one spectacular ADTSIG display, to represent IPMS and Scale ModelWorld, to the largest audience yet !

The models actually on the display tables would represent something "significant" in the World of Aerobatic Display Teams, during the 50 year history of IPMS - but in order to also combine this with the 60th Anniversaries of the Thunderbirds and Patrouille de France, we would have both of those teams "flying" above our tables !

The whole display was presented on an area of approximately 18 feet x 4.5 feet (5.8m x 1.5m) of table space. A grand total of 102 models are on the entire display - 89 of them actually on the tables (in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scales), with a further eight 1/72nd scale Thunderbirds and five 1/72nd scale Patrouille de France "flying" over them. They were made by 17 of our members, from 5 different countries - including a model from one of the ADTSIG's Founder Members, who sadly passed away earlier in 2013.

Below are our three "themes" in detail :

Aerobatic Display Teams in the 50 Years of IPMS

To illustrate the progress made in formation aerobatics, aviation as a whole and our hobby of plastic modelling over the past 50 years since the founding of IPMS, we present a Timeline of significant events in the sphere of Aerobatic Display Teams since 1963. Featuring Teams from all over the World, it also reflects the truly international nature of IPMS.
Not only does our display show notable milestones in display team history, it also represents the advances and changing trends in modelling over the years, featuring models in a variety of different scales and constructed using a vast range of kits, materials, paints and decals which have appeared on the Global market in the last half-century.

USAF Thunderbirds 60th Anniversary

Unfortunately, the Thunderbirds spent the majority of their 60th year on the ground, due to budget cuts and sequestration imposed by the U.S. Government. But for our own tribute to their 60th Anniversary, we wanted to get them "flying" again !
Our display was actually inspired by an oil painting entitled “Thunderbird Lead”, commissioned by the USAF and painted by artists Matthew and Mark Waki in 1985.
The painting is a huge 21 feet by 7 feet and illustrates each different type of aircraft flown by the Thunderbirds since 1953. This "historical formation" is depicted flying over what has been their home since 1956, Nellis Air Force base in Nevada, with Sunrise Mountain in the background.
The original painting hangs on the wall of the VIP room at the Thunderbirds HQ at Nellis.

Image of the "Thunderbird Lead" painting used by kind permission of the artists.

Recreating this magnificent painting in "3D", our display also features each one of those Thunderbirds aircraft, trailing smoke over Nellis Air Force Base, with Sunrise Mountain as a backdrop. All the models are 1/72nd scale.

Patrouille de France 60th Anniversary

The Patrouille de France are certainly no strangers to the skies over Paris, often doing photoshoots and flypasts there - especially for Bastille Day and the Tour de France each year.
So, in keeping with our Thunderbirds display, we decided to mark the Patrouille de France's 60th Anniversary by creating something which they will never be able to do over Paris - a "historical formation" of the different aircraft they have used since 1953.

Our display features one of each type of aircraft the team has flown, trailing coloured smoke across the distinctive Paris skyline. All the models are 1/72nd scale.

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