Scale ModelWorld 2005

Our central theme for SMW 2005, we celebrate the history of Naval Aerobatic Display Teams from around the world.

The whole display was presented on an area of approximately 18 feet x 4.5 feet (5.8m x 1.5m) of table space. There are a total of 182 models on the entire display, all in 1/72nd scale, except for one in 1/32nd scale.

There are 38 models on the central "Fly Navy" theme - not including the Aircraft Carrier ! The design of that was very loosely based on the USS Nimitz and was constructed mainly from uPVC panels and MDF. It was just over 6.5 feet long and christened "HMS SIG-nificant" !

(The large Shield Trophy on the display was our "Best Display" award from the 2005 Scottish Nationals.)

The outer wings of the whole display - the "miscellaneous" models :

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