Scale ModelWorld 2011

Please note :

Everything you see on our central theme is totally fictitous !

Whilst most of the subjects could have happened, nearly did happen, or might still happen in the future, right now none of them ever have !!


This theme was somewhat of a departure for us, away from presenting our usual factual, well-researched and historically accurate displays. However, it gave our members some "light relief" and was a lot of fun, letting imaginations go wild !

Having said that, imaginations weren't allowed to go completely wild - we did set some "ground rules" for this :

The subjects chosen MUST have a sound basis in historical fact/economic climate/political conditions of the time - so in other words, NO Thunderbirds Space Shuttles, NO Blue Angels TIE Fighters, NO Red Arrows Angel Interceptors, etc., etc. !

Every model had to have a plausible "back story" in order to "justify" it - no matter how unbelievable on the face of it, as long as the "back story" was convincingly plausible, it was allowed. Because of this, concocting the "back stories" gave almost as much - if not more -pleasure as actually building the models !

But although the end result is completely fictitious, it transpired that still an awful lot of actual research and historical knowledge of aerobatic teams was required in order to create such plausible models.

And to add to the "believability", many of the models were presented with some type of "support material", in the form of photos, news clippings, programs, postcards, book/magazine covers, etc., etc. But remember - these too are totally fictitious !

The whole display was presented on an area of approximately 14 feet x 4.5 feet (4.3m x 1.5m) of table space. There are a total of 92 models on the entire display - two in 1/48th scale and everything else in 1/72nd scale.

Note : Where you see the symbol , if you use the "Next" and "Prev" buttons in the Slideshow Viewer, you will see some additional images.











And now the "real stuff" !! The outer wings of the whole display - the "miscellaneous" models
(these are NOT "What IF....?" models) :

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