Scale ModelWorld 2004

By a "quirk of fate", this year we unexpectedly found ourselves with a massive 32 feet (9.75m) of display space to fill at Scale Modelworld 2004 !!

Overview of the entire displayIt seems that our "neighbour" display had to cancel at the last moment, so rather than have bare, un-used tables on display, we were asked to try and fill them. Unfortunately, we didn't know this until we arrived on the Friday afternoon for setting up, so we literally had to come up with something using only what we already had with us !!

But anyone connected with our SIG will know that we typically have just as many models (if not more !) still in boxes under the display tables, as we actually have out on them. We also usually take too many tablecloths and baseboards too... just in case... And in this case, it's just as well we did !

We just about managed to cover the tables in baseboards, but it took every one we had ! As expected, we had plenty of models to go on them.

So as well as the special "Thunder in the Skies" theme for 2004, to tie-in with our work with the RAF Red Arrows for their 40th anniversary, we also mounted a smaller display of RAF teams, along with one of the dome display cases which we made for the Red Arrows Gala Day back in May 2004. The remainder of the space was filled by "general" models of aerobatic teams from around the world.

The whole display ended up with a staggering 224 models, two of them in 1/48th scale and all the rest in 1/72nd ! There were 28 models on the central "Thunder in the Skies" theme and 35 models on the hastily-constructed "RAF Teams" mini-display, including 3 in the domed display case. I just wish we had known some time beforehand about the extra space, so we could have actually planned a way of properly utilising it.

A walk down the whole display line, left to right :

Click on this image to see the F-84 models

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