Links to Aerobatic Display Team-related websites, plus other modelling and reference sites.

The sites listed here fall basically into two categories :

The "Display Teams" section contains links to many Teams' Official sites and also a number of other "non-official", historical, or "fan" sites. Where feasible, I have tried to be a little selective and only include sites which have good content and interesting or archive information, not simply sites which just contain collections of airshow photographs.

Similarly, for the Modelling sites; there are countless other modelling-related web sites on the internet. The ones listed here are for those which have some specific relevance to modelling display teams, or to our SIG.

If you know of any sites which are not listed here but perhaps ought to be - or to report any dead links -then please contact the Webmaster. Thanks !

Display Team Sites
Display Team Sites

Military Teams

    "Fan" Site : Useful reference site. Very comprehensive, containing information and images of most of the World's Display Teams, past and present. Be aware, there are a
    number of mistakes/omissions, but overall, a very good
    "look there first" reference site.

  • Air Display Museum
    A "virtual" online museum containing many Display Team-related items such as flight suits. jackets, helmets, etc., as well as photos, brochures and many other interesting memorabilia. It does not concentrate solely on Teams, there are also many other items there too, from solo performers, Squadrons and numerous "famous names" from the world of aviation and Air Shows.
Civilian Teams

Modelling Sites
Display Team Sites

Miscellaneous Links

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