1999 IPMS(UK) Nationals

A letter from the Frecce TricoloriThe Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force) has a long and distinguished history in the field of aerobatic teams, which can be traced right back to 1928 at Campoformido Airfield, when Lt. Col. Rino Corso Fougier created the school of formation aerobatics. He believed that aerobatics and formation flying were necessary skills for a good fighter pilot, and demonstrating formation aerobatics would be good propoganda for the Air Arm.

This tradition continued after the Second World War, with individual units or squadrons (Aerobrigata or Stormo) forming aerobatic teams. In 1957, it was decided to formalise this arrangement: One unit would be chosen each year to form an official national team to represent the A.M.I., with another unit being selected to form the "reserve" team, which would then become the official team for the following year.

This led, in 1961, to the founding of a permanent National Aerobatic Team, based at Rivolto. This unit was officially designated as 313° Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico, now famous the world over as the Frecce Tricolori.

Our model display represents the whole history of Italian aerobatic teams, from 1928 up to the present day.

We salute them all !

The display was staged on an area of approximately 15 feet x 4 feet (4.6m x 1.2m) of table space. There are a total of 138 models on display, three in 1/48th scale, the rest all in 1/72nd scale. They were built by 10 of our members.

The outer wings of the whole display - the "miscellaneous" models :

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