Overseas Shows

Art In Miniature, 2016

Göteborg, Sweden.

Probably our most ambitious "European Tour" so far in terms of logistics, we ventured further north than we had ever been before to display at the IPMS Sweden Nationals in Gothenburg : 3rd & 4th September.

This trip involved five of our members from the UK, plus one from Germany and was another "joint venture" between ourselves and IPMS(UK)'s Bomber Command SIG.

As with all our Overseas Shows, taking all the models and display equipment inevitably means that we must travel overland - flying is not an option. In this particular case, it involved multiple Ferries and driving through some five different countries in order to reach Sweden from the UK !

But it was well worth it !!

The event itself is somewhat smaller than we are generally used to and is really all about the National Competition, rather than a "traditional show". Whilst it does have a number of good Traders in attendance, there was practically nothing in the way of actual displays by model clubs, etc..... That is, until we got there !!

Perhaps because of this, the displays by ourselves and the Bomber Command SIG received a lot of attention over the weekend, with many people talking to us about what we do, our interest in non-competition modelling and what IPMS SIGs are all about. Overall, we received a very warm welcome from the Swedish modellers, who seemed most appreciative of the efforts we had made to travel all the way to their show - and I hope we managed to demonstrate the very social aspect of modelling that SIGs and displays like ours can bring. We made a lot of new friends over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the event !

Our display was staged on an area of approximately 12 feet by 4 feet (3.7m x 1.2m). There are a total of 85 models (1 in 1/32nd scale, 10 in 1/48th scale and the rest in 1/72nd), made by 4 of our members.

Although we haven't actually done one every single year, this trip also marked the 20th anniversary of the ADTSIG's Overseas Shows, 1996 - 2016 !

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