Overseas Shows

3MR Model Expo, 1996

Mondeville, Caen, France.

Our very first venture overseas, to take a SIG display to a show in Europe !
8th & 9th June 1996

We didn't really know at the time what we were letting ourselves in for - but we thought we'd try it anyway !

We had a great time and were made very welcome by our French hosts - and we learned a lot about how to really enjoy model shows ! It actually came to be one of the "defining moments" for the ADTSIG, by setting a lasting precedent for us visiting many overseas shows ever since - it really encouraged us to want to visit other countries and display at their model shows too.

A most important thing is the great friendships it created - we met so many French modellers during this trip that are still great friends to this day. We always look forward to seeing each other again whenever we get together at a model show, either Scale Modelworld in England, or some other venue in Europe. But now, we have so many more foreign friends too, as a result of our visits to numerous other overseas shows !

It should also be noted that it was all because of this particular event in Mondeville, that we created our own "Hospitality Suite" at our major model shows - something we have now become world-renowned for !

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