Overseas Shows

IPMS Deutschland
40th Anniversary Show, 2006

Gatow, Berlin, Germany.

IPMS Deutschland officially celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2006, at their show in the excellent Lutwaffen Museum at (what used to be) Gatow Air Base, outside Berlin. We went along to display at the show and join in their celebrations, representing IPMS(UK).
16th & 17th September 2006 .

Our display stand, inside Hanger 3

The model show itself was inside Hanger 3 - but the actual Museum is spread over several hangers, as well as dozens of aircraft and other military exhibits on display outside, all around the airfield.

We put 181 models on our display, 3 in 1/32nd scale, 6 in 1/48th scale and all the rest in 1/72nd scale, built by 6 of our SIG members.

Saturday, we were treated to an exclusive tour of the Museum's aircraft restoration workshops, where they are doing great work with some rare types.

After the show closed on the Saturday, there was a 40th Birthday "hanger party" on the pan outside, which went on into the night, including a barbecue and much beer and wine !

A few random views around the impressive Museum :

Inside the immaculate,
newly-opened Hanger 7.

Inside the immaculate,
newly-opened Hanger 7.

Outside the old Control Tower buildings, looking out across the airfield.

The "boneyard" - there's a lot of former
East German stuff scattered around,
much of it in a pretty poor state.

The "boneyard" - some things are in a worse state than others ! But it does mean they have access to a lot of spare parts...

Inside the restoration workshops.

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