What is IPMS ?

CLICK HERE to vist the IPMS(UK) websiteIPMS is the International Plastic Modellers Society, which was founded in Great Britain in 1963, by modellers, for the benefit of modellers. Originally founded as the British Plastic Modellers Society, it soon expanded into what is now a truly international body with many Branches right across the world.

Within the UK, there are many local Branches and model clubs affiliated to the Society, where members can meet regularly to share their knowledge and pleasure in model building. As a result, people from all walks of life join together in their common interest of the hobby. Many Branches also organise their own local model shows and competitions. These shows are also open to the general public and are great occasions to see wonderful model displays by numerous IPMS Branches/model clubs and SIGs - and to stock up on model kits and accessories from a wide variety of supporting traders and model shops.

IPMS has no class, age, sex, colour or creed barriers to overcome, nor does it lay down any minimum modelling standards. All you need to qualify for membership is an interest in model making as a hobby. Many new or potential members worry about the high standards some IPMS modellers reach. Don't be put off by this, as with a little perseverance and help from other members, you can quickly improve the quality of the models you build also.

This is important to stress : Contrary to popular belief, there is no "minimum standard of modelling", nor any "modelling skills requirement" in order to join IPMS !   IPMS members are NOT "elitest" or "professional modelmakers" - this is a myth !   We are just "ordinary people" who all enjoy the hobby of making models to whatever standard we are capable of and/or happy with - purely for the pleasure of it !

IPMS(UK) publishes a full colour magazine six times a year, where all of the content is written by IPMS members. This includes a wide variety of articles, Society events/news, reviews, product information, etc. related to the subject of modelling - and it is free to all IPMS(UK) Members. The Society provides other services such as the Decal and Instruction Sheet Banks and the Technical Advisory Service (TAS), to help members get the most from the combined knowledge of IPMS. A very important aspect of IPMS are the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - of which this is just one of many - for members who have particular interests in specific modelling subjects or genres. There are also a number of related shops/manufacturers who offer discounts to IPMS members.

For FULL details, CLICK HERE to visit the IPMS(UK) website.

The highlight of the IPMS(UK) year is Scale ModelWorld, the world-class event formerly known as the IPMS(UK) National Championships and Model Show, held at the International Exhibition Centre in Telford, Shropshire, England. Normally held around the beginning of November and open to both IPMS (Worldwide) members and the general public, this two-day event is now the largest plastic modelling show in the world. Featuring the National Championships Competition, a massive and varied model show from UK and International IPMS Branches and SIG's, etc., plus stalls/vendors from the majority of the World's modelling trade, Scale Modelworld is a firm fixture in the diary of many modellers, both in the UK and all around the World too !

Just take a look at the Scale ModelWorld website to get some idea of the enormity of the event, the huge attendance by modellers from all over the world - and the great, informal social occasion that it is !

Scale ModelWorld

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