Overseas Shows

AMV83 Maquettexpo, 2013

Hyères, France.

For our "2013 European Tour", we finally managed to go "en masse" to display at the annual show of some of our oldest friends and SIG members, down in the South of France on the Mediterranean coast : 12th & 13th October.

Although just a couple of us had made this trip before back in 2004, this time, we got a proper "European Tour" together, with 6 ADTSIG members travelling from the UK and one from Germany, to meet up with two more of our "local" French members. The sheer distance involved dictated a pretty big "expedition", even by our standards - the round trip of about 2,000 miles from the UK meant two days travelling to get there, two full days at the Show and then two days to get home again. But it was well worth it, for a great show, in a great venue - and many great friends too !

The show is held in the town Casino - not actually amongst the Gaming Tables, but in the "Forum du Casino". Much of it has a glass roof, so there is plenty of natural light - and also, being carpeted makes it much easier on the feet for those long two days ! It was well supported by a good number of Traders, dozens of French and International Clubs and also by the local Community too. IPMS(UK)'s participation included the French Air Forces SIG and Bomber Command SIG, as well as ourselves.

There are a total of 146 models on our display, 4 in 1/32nd scale, 24 in 1/48th scale and the rest in 1/72nd. They were made by 9 of our members, from 3 different countries.

With 2013 being the 60th Anniversary of the Patrouille de France and the team being based not too far away, at Salon de Provence, the AMV83 Club had decided to present two special, commemorative awards at this years show - one for the "Best Display of Aerobatic Team Models" and another for the "Best Individual Model of an Aerobatic Team Aircraft".... Both of these were won by ADTSIG members !

The following section are photos of the very special display put out by one of our "local" French ADTSIG members :

Whereas the majority of our members build one aircraft/model to represent any particular team, Richard likes to build entire teams in 1/72nd scale ! So, to coincide with our visit and also because of the significance of the Patrouille de France's 60th Anniversary, he was granted his own special area in the Entrance Forum, to put on this hugely impressive display.

But not only did he just display all his models, he set the whole thing out as a massive "Airshow Diorama", with pans/hardstanding and an "active runway" - with fully working LED runways lights too ! If you look closely, you will see that, apart from the aircraft, there are also support vehicles, fuel trucks and "Follow Me" cars, etc. And to top it all off, there are literally hundreds of tiny "spectators" around the edges (behind the crowd barriers, of course), along with everthing else you get at Airshows, such as advertising boards, P.A. speakers, camera towers, wastebins - and toilets !

This would be one hell of an Airshow !

Not surprisingly, it was this display which won the other Special Award for the "Best Display of Aerobatic Team Models" - and deservedly so.... we've never seen anything like it !

And don't forget... ALL of this was the work of just ONE member !!

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