Scale ModelWorld 2014

The main theme for our 2014 Scale ModelWorld display was pretty obvious, this being the RAF Red Arrows' 50th season. But as they are the World's most famous users of the BAE Systems Hawk aircraft - and 2014 also marks the 40th anniversary of the Hawk's first flight - this was the ideal opportunity to include a "sub-theme" of all Hawk-equipped aerobatic teams from around the World.

Our display was arranged into three sections - the Red Arrows theme at one end, the Hawk Teams sub-theme at the opposite end and a "general" display of any other aerobatic team models between them. Due to the siting of our display stand, in between the IPMS(UK) Bomber Command SIG and Hawk/AJT SIG, this all had a nice feel of "continuity" about it : At one end, we had the RAF Scampton "connection", with our Red Arrows theme adjacent to the Bomber Command SIG display, while at the other end, our Hawk Teams sub-theme neatly joining on to the Hawk/AJT SIG display.

We are also proud to have won the Bronze/3rd Place Award for the "Best SIG Display" at SMW2014 - thus making this the fourth year in a row that we have received an award at Scale ModelWorld - the biggest show of it's kind in the World !

The whole display was presented on an area of approximately 24 feet x 4 feet (7.3m x 1.2m) of table space. A grand total of 103 models are on the entire display, 7 in 1/32nd scale, 10 in 1/48th scale and the rest in 1/72nd scale. They were made by 15 of our members.

The basic idea behind this display theme was to create a semi-diorama of a "Red Arrows Historical Open Day" at their home base of RAF Scampton. Following on from our recently released booklet, "Evolution of the Red Arrows", published by IPMS(UK), we attempted to recreate this in "3D", by having models to represent the many colour schemes and marking variations which the Red Arrows aircraft have appeared in.

Overall, it is by no means a faithful diorama representation of RAF Scampton. However, the Hangar was scratch-built, based on photographs taken at RAF Scampton and although all of the other models on this part of the display are in 1/72nd scale, the Hangar was built in "half-relief" and to a somewhat smaller scale, to give the impression of "forced perspective".

Arguably the main focal point of this theme display are the 2014 Red Arrows themselves, flying overhead in their trademark Diamond 9 formation, trailing white smoke ! These too are all 1/72nd scale, built straight out-of-the-box using the latest Airfix Red Arrows "Starter Set", which includes the special 50th Season tailfin markings.

Down below, the "Open Day Diorama" is further reinforced by the inclusion of a Red Arrows Land Rover and also their support truck, which many of you will have seen at airshows around the UK. There are numerous Red Arrows groundcrew (the "Blues") attending the static display aircraft (the red-suited pilots obviously being in the Hawks flying above !), as well as Henry Prince's dog, Dusty, the Yellowjacks Mascot !

Other items of interest on display are a historical collection of Red Arrows patches, an RAF Scampton Station Crest, the 2014 Red Arrows brochures, a jacket once belonging to Sqn Ldr Ray Thilthorpe, Red Arrows Team Manager 1979 - 1982 and nametag from the overalls of ADTSIG Member Mike Verney, who was on the Red Arrows groundcrew from 1978 - 1984 - and "Circus 3" in 1984.

The most famous and well known operator of the BAE Systems Hawk aircraft are the RAF Red Arrows. While 2014 is their 50th Display Season, coincidentally it also marks the 40th anniversary of the Hawk’s first flight. But it’s great export success has enabled the Hawk to also be used to great effect by a number of other Display Teams around the World - as shown here :

Between the two themes, we displayed a general selection of other Aerobatic Team aircraft from around the World, in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale :-

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