Scale ModelWorld 2019
Civilian Aerobatic Teams

Our SMW 2019 Display

Aerobatic Teams are not solely the domain of the world’s military forces. In fact, the earliest aerial demonstrations and formation aerobatics were performed by private pilots, Stunt Flyers, Barnstormers, Flying Circuses and the like.

Since then, there have been many aerobatic teams, all over the world, operated by civilian members. Previously, such teams would typically be equipped with smaller, propellor-driven aircraft, but in modern times, it is not unusual to see civilian teams using ex-military jet aircraft.

However, the one thing they all have in common with their military counterparts, are significant running costs. To this end, the vast majority of civilian teams rely on some form of commercial sponsorship to survive - hence why so many of them feature product or brand names displayed so prominently on their aircraft.

The display was presented on an area of approximately 18 feet x 4 feet (5.8m x 1.2m) of table space, in a "two tier" arrangement.
There are a total of 79 models on the whole display - 60 in in 1/72nd scale, 9 in 1/48th scale, 9 in 1/32nd scale - and one in 1/40th scale !! (as indicated on the model namecards). They were built by 13 of our members. The backboards featured actual, genuine embroidered patches from many of the teams displayed - and more.

We also continued the "theme" behind our display stand too.....! ;-)


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