Scale ModelWorld 2015

The central theme for our display at Scale ModelWorld 2015 showcased the often "unsung heroes" of the World's display teams - the Support Aircraft.

When out “on the road”, most of the World’s aerobatic display teams have one or more support aircraft traveling with them, especially on longer deployments or overseas tours. In some cases, a team may have dedicated aircraft permanently assigned - which receive special team markings - while others have standard squadron aircraft assigned on an “ad hoc” basis.

The larger, often multi-engined transport aircraft are used for carrying all the Groundcrew and equipment, as well as spare parts, vehicles, etc. to display sites. Many teams also have a “two-seater” aircraft too : These are usually flown by the Team Manager/Commentator and may also give Press/Media Orientation Flights and V.I.P. rides, in the back seat.

The whole display was presented on an area of approximately 18 feet x 4.5 feet (5.8m x 1.5m) of table space. A grand total of 87 models are on the entire display, 5 in 1/32nd scale, 15 in 1/48th scale and the rest in 1/72nd scale. They were made by 15 of our members.

All of the Support Aircraft models are in 1/72nd scale.

This year, the Support Aircraft were displayed as a "central theme" : Either side of that, we displayed a general selection of other Aerobatic Team aircraft from around the World - 1/72nd scale at one end, with 1/48th and 1/32nd scale models at the other end :-

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