Overseas Shows

EuroScaleModelling 2013

Utrecht, Netherlands.

This was a rather different Overseas Show to any previous ones : This time, an official ADTSIG display was put on entirely by our Dutch members on their own, without any of us from the UK or elsewhere travelling over to join them !
Saturday 26th October 2013.

The IPMS Netherlands "Nationals" : The show was held as usual - and just for one day - in the Nieuwegein Business Centre, just south of Utrecht.

Although we have done a proper "European Tour" to this show back in 2011, our "2013 European Tour" was already committed to our journey to the South of France. But as we now have a sizeable contingent of ADTSIG members resident in Holland, they were able to mount an "official" ADTSIG display on their own !

It is always interesting whenever we do Overseas Shows, to see the ways that that other countries and cultures have of displaying their models. Somehow, each country’s model displays just have a different “flavour”… So in this case, it’s actually refreshing to see an ADTSIG display which just looks quite different to our “normal” ones !

Well done to our "Dutch Team" for putting on an great display !

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