Welcome to the Official web site for the
Aerobatic Display Teams S.I.G. of the
International Plastic Modellers Society (UK)

Basically, we are a group of enthusiasts from all around the globe who share a passion for the world's aerial demonstration teams, past, present... and future.

We have primarily come together through our hobby of making models of those team aircraft, which is why our group is a part of IPMS(UK), the International Plastic Modellers Society. But our interest and enjoyment go deeper than simply making models, as we research the history, collect data and support those teams whenever we can.

We hope our web site will prove interesting and useful not only to our members, but also to anyone who shares our interest in flight demonstration teams and modelling. If anyone wishes to contribute in any way, or if you have any comments or questions about anything you see here on our website, then please email us - we are always happy to hear from you, anywhere in the World !

News / Announcements :

Smoke On...... GO !


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