An illustrated history of all the colour schemes and marking variations, Gnats and Hawks, 1964 - 2014

Released in October 2014, this 24-page, A4-size full colour softback booklet has been written by the Aerobatic Display Teams Special Interest Group and published by IPMS(UK).

Originally intended simply as an article for the Aerobatic Display Teams S.I.G. newsletter, the IPMS(UK) Executive Committee thought it was worthy of a "wider audience" and decided to publish it as a standalone booklet, for the benefit of all IPMS(UK) Members.

Aside from the "normal Magazines", we believe this is the first time that any IPMS Branch/Chapter, anywhere in the World, has produced such a publication.

As such, all IPMS(UK) members received a copy as a "supplement" with their normal Society Magazine - but we now have a limited number of copies available for general sale.

The price is just £5.00 each, plus postage.

To get hold of a copy, simply email the ADTSIG Leader with your details.

While there have been many books, magazines, articles and other media devoted to the Red Arrows over the last 50 years, they have largely focused on the personnel, the displays, the Team itself and it’s “Ambassadorial role” representing the RAF, British Industry and National Pride, both at home and abroad. Despite all those, there are still constant questions raised amongst enthusiasts, historians and modellers, about the aircraft themselves, their colour schemes and markings. This publication attempts to address those questions - and also to correct/dispel a few myths and inaccuracies which have been perpetuated over the years.

This “Evolution” starts with the Yellowjacks, back in 1964, before progressing through the entire history of the Red Arrows. The Yellowjacks were part of a long and distinguished heritage of RAF display teams and although they only existed for one season, they must also be included, as the direct ancestors of the Red Arrows. The numerous - and often very subtle - changes in the markings and hardware are all illustrated in here : They are all based on actual photographic evidence, although as many photos may be small, indistinct or lacking quality, illustrations were composed to show them more clearly.

Thanks to the input from many members of the current and previous Teams, this is also a tribute to those who fly them - and all those who have kept them flying for 50 years !


Yes, no matter how hard you try, it always happens.....

Despite the thousands of hours of research and dozens of pairs of eyes cast over it, since publication a few errors have come to light..... For those of you who already have copies of the booklet, you can now download a small "Errata Sheet", in PDF format.

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