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USAFE Black Knights

Extremely rare, never-before-published photos of the world's first jet bomber team !

Formed in 1956, the Black Knights were a team of Martin B-57's from the 71st Tactical Bombardment Squadron, of the 38th Bombardment Wing based at Laon, France.

These unique archive photos were discovered by one of our Canadian SIG members, Gary Vincent, who has made them available for us to publish on our website. The four never-before-seen images of the team in action were scanned from original transparancies now in Gary's possession, but sadly the date and location of the photos and the name of the actual photographer are not known. Please note also that due to their age, the original slides exhibited strange colour shifts and were also rather scratched - because of this, the scanned images shown here have been "touched up" in an attempt to remove some of the scratching and improve the colour renditions to a more realistic level.

For more information about this team, see :-


Also, the website of Col. John W. Harris USAF (Ret.), who was the Slot Pilot in the Black Knights team :


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